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    With over 500 million monthly active users in China, Douyin’s short video craze continues.

    Short video marketing has become a brave new world for brands and marketers.

    We help your brand succeed on Douyin by planning, creating, and distributing organic short-video content. Through building a presence on Douyin, brands can share creative and impressionable content with users.

    We choose the voices most suited to your message with a complete campaign strategy based on accurate follower data. We help you source and manage influencers from start to finish, monitor your brand mentions, and track campaign media value.

    As engagement and reach on short video platforms is extremely high, selling products represents a new market trend. We will help you open your first official account and boost sales on Douyin and other online marketplaces by crafting Douyin-style commercials and impressive ad copies.

    Douyin represents a rising platform for ad planning and purchases. We help run paid advertisement campaigns (including video feed and splash ads) for your brand, reaching more potential customers than organic distribution.

    We are one of the first officially recognized full-service agencies for Douyin. A full-service agency is an agency appointed to provide official account services to brands, including but not limited to account verification, content production, operations and planning, execution of marketing campaigns, etc.


    We are creativity-oriented, good at digging deep into trending topics, focused on maximizing brand word-of-mouth potential, possess precise understanding of user experience, and proficient in generating popular short videos.


    We are an integrated creative powerhouse that offers a wide variety of professional services, including creative planning, filming, and post-production provided by a structured implementation team rich experience in project management with a streamlined workflow.


    We possess access to official partner agency resources and permissions, a large network of KOL resources for leading marketing social media platforms, and the approaches and strategy to attract the most attention and help content achieve virality.

    Viral videos with hundreds of millions of views

    Creativity is our core competency, and with that, we have produced many videos with hundreds of millions of views and likes.

    Operation of global Douyin brand accounts

    We work with Supercell on developing social media strategies and operating official accounts for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Both accounts currently ran in the top 10 of Douyin’s game brands.

    Douyin challenge planning

    We have planned and created several Douyin challenges for brands. The challenge #play_game_they_are_serious# we created for Clash Royale features the influencers Feng Timo and Black Face V, and achieved over 3.78 billion views.


    Cheers First Class Campaign

    Objective: To increase exposure of the Cheers brand and first-class sofa products on short video platforms, with an exposure goal of 40 million views.

    Result: The Cheers first-class sofa hashtag topic we created gained great exposure with an actual view count of 150 million, 275% above the target; The Cheers official account’s followers increased by 110,000, and likes increased by 1 million. Visitors to the Cheers store increased by 20% and purchase leads increased by 161%

    1. Top influencer videos gained over 1 million likes, reaching a majority of their followers.

    2. The creative featuring an interaction between a detective and Cheers went viral, the first highly popular video for the Cheers account.

    3. In the comments, the audience actively mentioned and discussed the Cheers brand. As they shared the video with friends —— brand awareness improved.

    Supercell Douyin Account Operation

    Highly rated by Supercell: “The highest level of creative output in the industry."

    In June 2018, "Clash of Clans" and "Clash Royale" Douyin accounts were established, starting from 0 follower. We quickly gained a lot of fan attention, and created a variety of ten million level exposure videos. In 2018, "Clash Royale" operated by our team was awarded the best popular game on Douyin of the year 2018.

    By November 2019:

    Clash of Clans has 2.27 million followers, frequently ranking Top 1 of the game accounts

    Clash Royale has 1 million followers, ranking Top 10 of the game accounts

    Taikang Anti-COVID 19 Comics Video

    Taikang True Story Comics video series.

    This series is based on Taikang's true story, which is a manga that records China's frontline fighting against COVID 19.

    The team upgraded from the manga to more refined animated content. It has been well received on several platforms and has been forwarded by the official WeChat of the "China Banking Regulatory Commission".

    This animation series has become the most popular content in the official Blue V account of "Taikang Insurance Group", providing important support for the construction of Tai Kang brand image.


    We keep good relationships with reputable online media and high-traffic websites, enhance SEO and social media sharing, and help grow your brand influence online.

    We have worked on online PR campaigns on leading online media platforms for top brands such as Supercell and Cheers.

    Holding the principle of “innovation and accuracy”, we build effective tailor-made PR plan for brands.

    Depending on your specialty area, we plan content, select media, identify key influencers to communicate accurately to the right people.

    Through PR & media exposure, we help you increase the popularity of your brand, build brand reputation and enhance brand value in China.

    We work with influencers and streamers to amplify great content in a way that appeals to Chinese audiences.


    Expertise in managing content and planning events on Weibo and WeChat

    We use a creative combination of content oriented towards gamers and young audiences through various forms.

    Our team members are experienced and insightful, and the brand accounts we run are followed by millions of fans.

    Operation of WeChat Official Accounts

    We currently run WeChat official accounts for Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, and others.


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    Operation of Weibo Official Accounts

    5 official game accounts and related accounts


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    *by Nov. 8th, 2019


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