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    Our customer care solutions enhance customer satisfaction by creating positive experiences and reducing customer effort,

    helping brands improve retention, revenue, customer relations, and brand value.



    In-app, web, email, social media, hotline, any designated platform


    Our services are elastic, customizable, and scalable to your requirements


    We offer full Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) and English support


    Systematic training models and quality assurances

    E-Jade focuses on improving customer experience. We offer customized round-the-clock customer service solutions for any channel, at any time, and in any format.

    Chinese or English, Basic or Pro+, Human or AI-powered, we guarantee the most optimal, highest quality, and personalized customer experience.

    We have strong training and quality assurance teams and have formed a systematic training model and QA process. Our customer service specialists are good at communicating with both Chinese and English speakers.

    Bilingual, multichannel customer support for global brands, including support for in-app inquiries, email, live chat, phone, and FAQ management.

    Around-the-clock, flexible solutions adapted to different ticket volumes, efficiently combining AI and human support to ensure quick response times.

    Our ever-evolving support processes and related workflows are integrated with an agile methodology, to ensure efficient problem resolution.

    Using the most advanced approaches and tools, our QA & Training specialists ensure strict adherence to high standards of performance and CX.

    Our expert knowledge of CRM & helpdesk systems along with data analytics tools enables us to provide customized solutions for complete customer lifecycle management.

    • E-Jade’s complete package of support solutions includes a fully trained support team of young professional agents, optimized workflows for different business processes, and a real-time feedback pipeline.

    • Our agents are all experts in gaming and other Internet products. Standing in the customers’ shoes, they are capable of understanding customer requests quickly and solve their issues in an efficient and friendly manner.

    • Through quick and high-quality player support services, we have impressed customers and improved satisfaction, helping our clients build both brand image and loyalty through professional, earnest, and friendly support.

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